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Tips To Increase Breastmilk And Support Breastfeeding

The International Breastfeeding 2018 has just started and that means social media is abuzz with breastfeeding pictures. Many new moms or moms with older kids who have breastfed are sharing their journey through their blogs, Instagram posts, and facebook memories.

That brings us to the point that for some moms breastfeeding has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. For some of them, it was a cakewalk, while for others it was nothing short of a whirlwind time in their lives.

Some moms have even gone ahead and admitted that they have had fall-outs with their mom and mother-in-law when it came to certain myths around breastfeeding. Of course, their family was taken aback for a little while, but like they say ‘No-one knows better than a Mom’.

We are pretty sure the best time you have with your little one is when they are breastfeeding. Which brings us to the point of breastmilk supply. While in most cases women have moderate breastmilk supply, but sometimes milk is just not sufficient to ease the newborns’ hunger. This is a sign that you are not producing enough breast milk. Sometimes the newborn is not able to latch properly and hence ends up turning fussy within a few seconds.

If you are also suffering from low breast milk supply, then presenting some tips to increase breastmilk:


It is always said, a good stimulation is needed in case of a healthy milk supply. We are sure you know that is the whole concept on which breast pumping devices are made.
Often babies feel drowsy and fall asleep while feeding. Thus try to keep the baby awake. This will stimulate your breasts to pump out more breast milk and thus keep the little one nourished and hydrated.


Proper latching is one of the key features which aids in proper breastfeeding. 90 % of the times newborns come with a natural instinct to suck and latch onto the breast by themselves. But in a few cases, they are not able to do so on their own.

Unless your baby latches on properly milk won’t come out and hence there are chances that your body will also slow down the milk production. It is primarily based on the concept of demand and supply, the more your baby takes in breast milk higher are the chances of your body to produce more milk.


While we are not asking to avoid formula milk when it can’t be, its always advised that if you have a decent supply then avoiding formula milk is the best trick ever. While there are times when the formula milk isn’t avoidable and there is no doubt that it has saved millions of lives. But what is important to note here is the fact that if you are able to express a decent quantity of milk it is always advised to go with the flow and trust that your breastmilk is sufficient for the newborn in all possible ways.


We are all aware that a balanced diet plays a key role in boosting the milk supply. Taking foods which help to increase breastmilk them is always a good option. Apart from the increased supply, it will also ensure that you are having healthy meals. Include lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Fennel, fenugreek, sesame and cumin seeds are all said to aid in increased milk production.


Keeping yourself well hydrated is one of the key tips a new mom has to take care while she is breastfeeding. You should be taking a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water in an entire day. Try to stay away from caffeinated drinks and include as many natural juices and soups in your diet. Avoid packaged juices and foods at any cost.
One of the best practice which you can adopt is to have a glass of water before and after breastfeeding sessions.

Breastfeeding is a different emotion for each and every mom. We feel that as much as a new mom to need to be aware, same applies to her gynecologist as well. Pregnancy is not only about telling a woman how to take care of herself during those precious nine months but also telling about breastfeeding during the first hour of a child’s birth. Many new moms aren’t aware of this and doctors resort to giving formula to the newborn without taking the consent of the parents.

Thus doctors and gynecologist should impart this information to new moms or moms to be and help in eradicating the various myths around breastfeeding.





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