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Tips to maintain the best Hand Hygiene

Why washing hands are so important?

My hand hygiene is so crucial for our children! Why so? Well, while I feed the baby, I will use my hands; while bathing her, my hands will be used. Then while changing her diapers and so on. You can continue the long list.

While I do so much with my hands to ensure my child develops well, there is one important thing that I cannot take lightly. And, that is my hand hygiene. It must be at its best, there is no other choice.

Now, my little one is old enough to hold that tiny biscuit in her hands and eat it. Now, it is time to monitor her hand hygiene. At 18 months, I cannot discipline her and teach her ways. What best I can do is to monitor her and ensure that I stop her dirty hands from going inside her mouth.

Who would know better than me?

My 18-month-old suffered a stomach infection a few weeks back. Her pediatrician ruled the cause as poor hand hygiene. At this age, my little one runs all around the house and often plays hide and seek. Little did she know that by touching the carpet and the walls, she can upset her stomach. She, at some point in time, must have licked her unclean hands and fingers to let the infection in.

God! That was a terrible 3-day period for me when my little girl couldn’t eat well and had a bad stomach.

Blame the tiny hand- Might not be always

A worm is another nuisance that can also affect my little one’s health. The major source for these common worms is our own hands. We all know how it spreads. My little one will be at risk if I have not taken the deworming medicine at regular intervals.

I have even asked my maid about her medication too! In fact, every individual who works in my kitchen should ensure they take the deworming medication regularly.

Hand Hygiene Tips for kids

  1. Always wash the tiny hands with warm water.
  2. Always use soap.
  3. Clean the inner side of the fingers well.
  4. Always rinse well and wipe with a dry towel.
  5. Avoid using the same towel for more than a day.
  6. Wash hands before and after a meal.
  7. Indoor and outdoor activities should be followed by a hand wash.
  8. Wash those little hands after she has touched her nose and ears.
  9. Make sure to wash her hands well after visiting a sick friend or relative.
  10. Keep a close watch if she is picking up the corner dust. Wash hands immediately!

Hand Hygiene Tips for Mothers

  1. I wash my hands every time I feed my baby.
  2. Washing hands is mandatory even after a 5 minute stay in the kitchen.
  3. Do not feed or touch your little one after cutting vegetables. Wash hands first!
  4. Wash your hands well after changing diapers.
  5. Keep a hand sanitizer always handy.

My little one is too young to understand how dirty hands will affect her. But I am fully aware. I will help my child maintain good hand hygiene. This would be possible only if I maintain my hands well too.

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Written by Yaamini

I am a postgraduate in biochemistry ad well as an MBA in project management. I have around 7 yrs of experience in the corporate sector of life sciences division. Additionally I am a freelance writer having 5 yrs of experience and have written on niches like health, travel, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and child development. I have written for websites like style craze, style enrich, first cry, trip shelf, and pan India.

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