Tobacco and Its Bad Effects

How tobacco may end your life!

I pass every day being busy all the time! It is not that I am a workaholic, in essence, I find no time for much rest. My lack of time is also due to my career choices and my little one. She demands my time at the end of the day, and I guess she deserves it, too! With so much stress, I often want to break free or want some magic to keep me energetic throughout. I often think of tobacco and always wanted to try that under extreme stress.

Is tobacco bad?

Yes! Tobacco is a bad substance for you, me and everybody. One puff of tobacco smoke will force tons of chemicals into my lungs. I will rather breathe a bunch of chemicals out of which some of them are cancerous. Tobacco is a slow poison and it will kill you slowly.

My grandfather is a perfect example here because he was one among the tobacco victims. My grandfather was addicted to smoking. He was a chain smoker for over 20 years. This heavy toll on his body ended up with more health issues. My family was under deep depression and finally, we lost him.

How does tobacco affect the body?

Well, the main culprit is nicotine. Nicotine is the major ingredient that had engulfed my grandfather. This component induces a dependency through the central nervous system. Nicotine used to energize my grandfather for a short period of time and wave off that effect quite soon. This process would mean my grandfather will have to order out for more.

Effects of Tobacco

• My grandfather suffered severe lung infections. The medley of chemicals invites a lot more trouble than this.
• Nicotine withdrawal symptoms took my grandfather completely off the track. His dependency was too much for my family to handle. Withdrawal symptoms included headaches, sleep problems. This also hampered by grandpa’s overall cognitive health.
• Respiratory issues were prevalent in my grandpa’s case too! Chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.
• Cardiovascular disease again is a common term associated with nicotine. My grandfather almost suffered a severe respiratory blockage due to nicotine. It is a real poison for the body.
• Cancer is inevitable and did not spare my grandfather. The chemicals found in the tobacco smoke is beyond control and all of them have potential ill-effects.
• Kidney failures are one of the other consequences of smoking nicotine. My grandfather has suffered a lot and I still feel bad for him
• A constant compromise on good habits landed my grandfather on a bed with lots of health issues.

There are numerous ill effects that can be listed along. However, I found the above is best among the lot. Tobacco has the capability to engulf the person in whole. You all can help your loved one to move from the shackle of tobacco and lead a healthy and safe lifestyle.

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Written by Yaamini

I am a postgraduate in biochemistry ad well as an MBA in project management. I have around 7 yrs of experience in the corporate sector of life sciences division. Additionally I am a freelance writer having 5 yrs of experience and have written on niches like health, travel, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and child development. I have written for websites like style craze, style enrich, first cry, trip shelf, and pan India.

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