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Will too much or too less of Caffeine affect your Fertility?

Is Caffeine the only culprit?

Modern-day chaotic lifestyle and hectic work schedules have a direct impact on your fertility rate.

There are several reasons more to add. Excessive work stress, weekend’s alcoholic parties and erratic travel schedules will jeopardize any good routine.

The evident strain and stress involved in the day to day life will automatically expect you to be on your feet always.

This is, however, a difficult part of the human body. The human body is like a machine and can continue working for a defined time. To keep up with the demands, we need some chargers. These chargers come in various forms. Short breaks, brisk walks and meditation are a few ways that can help. However, we find the above ones a bit hard to practice or follow. Instead, we take shortcuts!

What is Caffeine?

To beat the awful stress, or deal with that better, we often resort to ingredients like caffeine. Now, caffeine is the world’s largest psychoactive drug. It acts as a Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant and is legalized all over the world.

Caffeine is consumed widely in all parts of the world in the form of coffee. Cold drinks and tea are two more sources of caffeine-containing products.

When in the body, caffeine tends to stimulate and charge up the brain. There is a sudden influx of energy that will help the body stay active for a longer period.

Our brain starts to decline its power as time increases. To have a balanced power supply all throughout the day, you need to charge up. A cup of black coffee or a cappuccino is good enough to keep up with that requirement.

Caffeine & Fertility: The Relationship

Well, caffeine or any such substance is bound to have some relationship with respect to fertility. That is because of caffeine’s inherent property to interfere with the central nervous system.

According to researchers, 200-300mg of caffeine is safe to intake. Anything that goes beyond the above limit should be considered as high and can cause damage.

However, the link between fertility and caffeine is not established well. Several studies conducted across the world displayed a cloudy conclusion. There was no fixed evidence that too much of caffeine has affected the fertility rate. Or that less caffeine has improved the rate.

So, what is the conclusion?

All the scientific studies conducted on the above doubt, indicate that drinking coffee would have absolutely no negative effect on the fertility rate. But, the consumption of high amounts of caffeinated drinks like soft drinks and energy drinks might have some severe ill effects on the fertility rate. Although, the negative effect need not be only due to the presence of caffeine in the drink.

Many studies on animal cells have also revealed that the caffeine molecule, upon a certain dosage, might cause congenital birth defects. The dosage levels were quite high in this case! The human body, however, has no documented evidence of this adverse effect.

Overall, fertility rate effect by caffeine is nowhere recorded or proven. This doesn’t rule out the fact that caffeine cannot affect fertility rate. Too much of psychoactive drugs are not healthy for longer periods of time.

I cannot stay without my morning and evening coffee! And, I am sure that this much will not affect my fertility. The baseline is that you do everything in moderation. Too much of anything is not good for you or your health!

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Written by Yaamini

I am a postgraduate in biochemistry ad well as an MBA in project management. I have around 7 yrs of experience in the corporate sector of life sciences division. Additionally I am a freelance writer having 5 yrs of experience and have written on niches like health, travel, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and child development. I have written for websites like style craze, style enrich, first cry, trip shelf, and pan India.

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