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Winter Soup Recipes for Children

The temperatures have started dipping and we can already feel the slight nip in the air. While there is till time for woolens, caps and mufflers to come out of the winter trunk box, foods have gradually started shifting.

Markets are loaded with fresh winter vegetables and fruits. It is finally time to say good bye to canned veggies as there are fresh direct from the farm vegetables available in stores and hyper market during winters.

Winters are the best time to have soups of all kinds . All because of their comforting nature and not to miss the health and nutritious benefits they provide. Soups are in fact one of the first few foods which is included in a baby’s diet as soon as they touch the six-month old milestone.The soup can be as simple as a Dal Ka Paani in case of an infant, or it could be vegetable soup for a preschooler.

Presenting some easy soup recipes for your little ones this winter season:


In ideal scenarios tomatoes aren’t introduced to babies before 11 months of age. The prime reason being that they are acidic in nature and might not be suitable for intestines and stomach which is still in developing stage. tomato soup can serve as a great appetizer for your preschooler and is also very easy to prepare.

Take peeled tomatoes in a pan, add salt and black pepper as per taste. Bring it to a fine boil and then put this in a mixture to make a fine paste. Sieve this mixture through a strainer and serve it with a dollop of ghee or butter.


While some families wait for at least one year before introducing chicken in their kids’ diet , others introduce as early as six months of age. Introducing chicken should happen gradually in your child’s’ diet and the best form is giving it in the form of soup.
Clean chicken properly and add it to to a pressure cooker simmering with ghee and cumin seeds. Now add ground coriander paste. Now allow at least 3-4 whistles on a medium flame and check if the chicken is properly cooked and is tender. For children as young as six months, pass this mixture through a strainer and serve the clear soup. For older kids you can go ahead and serve them with fine pieces of chicken in it.


Spinach is one of the best greens available . Giving it in a soup form is one of the best ways to introduce green leafy vegetables in your child’s’ diet.
Wash spinach leaves under running water for a good ten minutes . Now in a pressure cooker add ghee and cumin seeds. Once the cumin starts sputtering add finely chopped onion and garlic. Cook until the onion turns golden brown and now add spinach leaves. Add two cups of water and salt according to taste. After 2-3 whistles on medium flame transfer the contents of the pressure cooker into a mixer and blend it into a fine paste. Filter this paste through a strainer to avoid chunks going into the main dish and serve it to your child.



If your child is a picky eater , then sneaking in veggies in his diet through a soup is the best possible trick you can adopt in the long run.
Wash all vegetables under running water. You can take carrots, beans, potato, fresh peas and bottle gourd. Steam veggies either in a steamer or in a pressure cooker. After the vegetables are properly steamed transfer them into an open vessel and add some water to it. Now blend the veggies into a fine paste and sieve through a strainer.

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