Working and balancing your household.

It’s not easy for everyone to balance a full fledged career along with a household full of kids and their things. To achieve the ultimate work-life balance one often feels that he or she has to go through an impossible task at hand. Today’s bosses demand that we do more with less at hand, that just adds more pressure to the already overflowing tasks at hand. So how does one manage a fulfilling and satisfying career with the family life successfully ?

An individual’s work-family balances varies over time. The balance is different when you’re single and working compared to when you’re married with kids and working. It’s always baby steps to finding sanity and striking the balance between personal and professional life. 

Consider all of the important things that require your undivided time and attention to be accomplished. Try working from home for a few days to see what tasks in the office require your personal attention, list them down and calculate the time required to complete the tasks. 

Have a schedule made up for your kids and check for the gaps where you have to be with them physically or it just won’t work. Once that is done divide your household chores and spread them out during these gaps and encourage your children to help you out. 

If your company allows you to have assistants then get them and see what tasks can make do without your personal presence. Discuss the option with your boss and do that from a position of strength. Because your boss needs you as much as you need the job. Talk about ways that can can provide productivity as much as possible. Explain your situation as much as you can or as much as it’s required in the situation, all the while gauging your boss’s response. You might be surprised to find that your boss is sympathetic and sensitive towards your situation. 

Use technology to your benefit. It exists to make your life easier and better. Make sure that family time such as supper time is not disturbed by cell phones or television. You must remain tech free during such timed. Let your boss and co workers be aware about this rule and request them to leave a message so you can get back to them when possible. You have to make your own rules and follow up through them. Don’t rush to respond to calls, messages and emails as soon as they come in. Priories should be set straight as soon as you enter home turf. 

Telecommunicating will help saving real hours of your time. Learn to say no and let people know when you’re busy. Allow yourself to day dream and focus on the journey as well. Soon you will see that you have made yourself some gaps filled with personal time. Don’t burn yourself out and appreciate the part of your life when you do absolutely nothing. 

Take longs walks sometimes, engross yourself in quick reads and watch a few web series while commuting. You will see that balance is more achieved in your mind first before it reflects in your day to day activities. 

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